Expo - Performance 2012

'Flemish Art Assets' (USA)

Emily Harvey Foundation, New York, 1st December 2012. A one-evening exhibition with performances by: Kurt Ryslavy, Vaast Colson, Ria Pacquée, and Koen Theys, (introduction by Johan Pas)

Used in its original sense (meaning "lover"), the word "amateur" probably best reflects the true nature of Ryslavy’s public persona. After all, before the professionalization of art and science, sometime in the 19th century, "amateur" was not such a bad label. Gentleman scientists, dilettante painters, and connoisseurs of all kinds flourished in England and Western Europe. » cont

'The Loneliness Of The Project' (USA)

KURT RYSLAVY performed on Thursday 29th November 2012 at 6:00 pm @ PRINTED MATTER, INC. New York, where he also presented his book ‘Ceci n’est qu’une maison bourgeoise’. Venue: Tenth Avenue, 195 - NEW YORK, NY 10011.

'Reflexionen nehmen wir in Kauf' (DE)

Galerie Schütte, Hauptstr. 4, 45219 Essen, Germany. November 10th - December 29th 2012.

"Kurt Ryslavy knüpft in seinem Werk an die Strömungen des Dadaismus, Fluxus und Aktionismus an. Stets bemüht er sich gegen die traditionelle Kunstauffassung zu arbeiten und bestehende Kunstbegriffe in Frage zu stellen. Die Galerie zeigt ausgewählte Arbeiten aus den letzten 30 Jahren, um diese künstlerische Haltung zu dokumentieren. Zu sehen sind "factures décoratives", "Reminder", Schuberbilder und Arbeiten auf Papier und Malerei aus den 80er Jahren."

'Nothing is Readymade' (B)

The Centre for Fine Arts , Brussels, Belgium. 1st March - 15th April 2012.

His artistic work is all about migration and what it takes for an artist to make ends meet as a human being. Ryslavy (1961) lives in a grand old house in the heart of Molenbeek, where he sells wine and practises his art. On a plinth in the rotunda of the Centre for Fine Arts there stands a monumental mock-up of this house, flanked by hundreds of filled glasses. This utopian piece not only delivers an ironic/institutional critique of the globalised art world, but alludes too to the vulnerability of the individual artist, who finds himself at the beck and call of the all-consuming art market. » cont

Watch reportage from TVBrussel about the exhibition.