Expo - Performance 2019

Kunstverein Langenhagen/ Hannover (DE)

Olfaktorische Probleme, Probleme der Malerei, Probleme der Wiederholung
28.8 – 10.11 2019
Kapelle Eichenpark Langenhagen/ Hannover (DE) Profanisiertes Gotteshaus, römisch-katholische Entsprechung Installation von 23 Fetzen (1984) + Verkaufswerk Nr. 22 28.8 – 10.11 2019 In a post-modern art field, the intensified possibility of developing the art fetish is simultaneously its intensified critique, without consequently having to destroy it. Only in the raised tension by works such as the Verkaufswerke do we become aware of this paradox of the art fetish: fetish value and exhibition value relate to each other as two mutually consuming, and at the same time nurturing parasites. But the tension between those poles can also always be flanked by the money market and made to calm down by seductive discourses. It is possible to imagine that the once so scorned rest of the Verkaufswerke will someday be sold for a good sum, a reminiscence of transientness. (Thomas Becker)


Luca Bibliotheek Sint-Lukas Brussel (BE)

Luca Bibliotheek Sint-Lukas Brussel (BE) Vitrine # 116 relevante installatie, vooral in scholen Performance opening reception 11 dec 6pm 12.12.2019/ 15.01.2020

Kurt Ryslavy (born 1961) has made works of art out of curtains and created paintings he painted only on Sundays. He is registered as an artist in Austria and as a wine merchant in Belgium, but that shouldn't baffle anyone. At least he sells Austrian wine mainly to artists and other notorious drinkers. Anyway, the act of establishing one's livelihood in a taxable and civil manner must be considered a travesty, a continuation of art by other tasteful and tangy means. And On balance, the two areas do belong together, which is demonstrated by the photographic attempt to pile up the parts of a man to form a full body, as balanced and opulent as that of a cuvee.

(Ingeborg Lüscher)

Place Van Hoegaerde 22 Bruxelles (BE)

Hemiola (Edition) BOOK LAUNCH on May 1st 2019
Introduction: Ron Dirven (Van Gogh Huis) Unzeitgemäßes Glück + Het is geen Kunst - special edition including Video DVD: Who’s Afraid of Gardening

Kasteel Gaasbeek (BE)

Feast of Fools. Bruegel rediscovered (edition) Kurt Ryslavy came up with an unusual scenario for the public opening of "Feast of Fools". In the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, he looked very closely at Bruegel's paintings and, in the courtyard of the castle, came up with "a decor", a situation with numerous tables adorned with his colourful tablecloths. They invite the visitors to populate a tableau vivant and sip local wine from the hills around Gaasbeek and "tasting" that local wine to compare with the Austrian wine that Kurt Ryslavy himself imports from his country of origin. (Luk Lambrecht)
7 april – 28 july 2019

Galerie Ernst Hilger Wien (AT)

Against the Doctrine – Oswald Oberhuber and his World
12 september – 20 october 2019

Lesage Brussels (BE)

Inspections From Above
27 october – 01 december 2019

A.VE.NU.DE.JET.TE Institut de Carton vzw Brussel (BE)

Le Petit Cercle Bruxellois
19 october – 7 december 2019

ART Rotterdam Mieke Van Schaijk Gallery (NL)

Ja, Nine
06 – 10 february